Let It Snow?

Zoe Cade, Editor-In-Chief

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Picture this: 2004, snow everywhere and small children running in the streets and building mediocre sized snowmen.

Now, Picture this: 2017, snow everywhere and high school students running in the streets and playing in the snow.

A phenomenon no one expected to happened. A slim to none chance. But here we all are. In awe as it pours snows around us.

“I think that the snow is beautiful. I’ve never seen snow fall before,” Natalie Serna, senior, says.

The snow is a wonderful delight that The Valley rarely get to experience.

“The snow made me so happy,” Aly Garza, senior, says, “I think its cool that we got to see the snow our senior year and the last time we saw snow we were little kids.”

The snow came in to sent the valley into a Christmas craze.

Enjoy the snow before it melts and keep your hearts warm!