Three Rounds to Success

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Three Rounds to Success


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With the cards for three rounds in her hands, debater Anasofia Garcia (12) found herself without an opponent. Her competition did not show up, prompting a judge’s decision to step in and debate against her himself.

Garcia went on to earn first place in the debate competition at Sharyland High School.

“I wasn’t really nervous,” Garcia said. “The judge noticed my opponent wasn’t showing up, so he said, ‘you look prepared, why don’t we just debate together?’ He really tried to tear my case apart, but it was still fun, I won the round and felt really great afterwards.”

This semester, competitors like Garcia are debating the question ‘Should Government Regulate Threatening Speech?’ They must formulate affirmative and negative arguments to defend their side on the issue. In order to win, judges must be convinced that an argument is right on all three of their rounds.

“I won my second round as well,” Garcia continued. “Then on my third round, my opponent turned out to be really competitive. I could tell he got there expecting to win, so he had a very negative reaction when I won.”

Though it is Garcia’s first year being part of the team of six students, debate sponsor Luis Garza said she is a big contribution to the team.

“[Garcia] helps new debate students know what they are doing and guides them through the steps to prepare for each debate,” Garza said.

Now that Garcia has won her first debate, she plans on restructuring her arguments in order to make them more effective.

“After this past Saturday,” Garcia said, “I know what areas of my arguments I can polish so I can do better on my next competition in December.”

The debate team meets every Wednesday after school to practice.

According to Garcia, teammates prepare for the meets independently.

“Each member does the research on their own,” she said. “We have learned that we need to structure our arguments in a way that our minds are able to quickly counter our opponent’s argument if it were to go against our argument.”

Garza helps members find good places to get information that will back up their arguments.

“I support them with their research and help figure them out how to write their debate cases on their own,” Garza said.

Garcia said to have big expectations to make it to state this year.

“I think she will definitely win district this year,” Garza said. “And if she puts in the time and effort required, she has chances to go to state as well.”

According to Garza, the debate club expects for more people to join this year in hopes to get a stronger team than it already has.