A Freshman’s First State Test As A High Schooler

Sophia Sanchez, Co-editor

Due to this year not being a normal year, the freshman did not get to experience an actual high school experience this year. Today, April 6, 2021, was their first official state test as high schoolers. Yarezil Torres, freshman, had been going to school in-person since the beginning of the second semester. “I did not expect for my freshman year to be like this, I thought that Covid would have been gone by the end of the second semester of last year,” Torres said. She had been studying for all her tests. Torres felt comfortable enough to go in-person to take her state exam. “I was a little nervous at first, but then when I started the test, I felt relieved in the sense that I felt as if I was going to do great on this test.” Although this year was far from normal, Torres stated that she felt confident that she did well on this test. “I just hope that I did as good as I felt on this test,” Torres said. She is looking forward to seeing how the rest of her high school years will go. She hopes that this virus will hopefully go away so she can really have her first real high school experience next year as a sophomore.