Month Of March: Goals

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Delinah Vallejo

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Month Of March: Goals



This month of March is for trying new things, being more self-loving and creating a journal that helps you track who or what gives the emotion you want to have.

Since St.Patricks day is coming up I want you to have a nice break or a “self-weekend” and have days where you are calm and ready for a long month ahead. For example, do a face mask, get your nails done, have a nice bath with essential oils or just a very long nap.

After a relaxing weekend, you should prepare for a stressful school or business week coming up, so put a cute outfit on or some makeup, whatever you need to help make you feel more confident. Have clothing that makes you feel comfortable in your skin and the hairstyle/accessories you need to ensure your upbeat attitude.

Go on an adventure, or just try something new, such as go out to a new coffee shop with some friends or if you always go everywhere with your friends go alone to have lunch or dinner at a new spot. If not eat, then be spontaneous do something you wouldn’t do normally.

Throughout every day of this month, doing a bullet journal will benefit the tracking of your moods throughout the day, for instance doing red for angry, blue for sad, yellow for happy or orange for when you’re stressed. This journal could also be for tracking food or water intake, writing down morning routines, to-do lists, or a sleeping log.

Hopefully, the changes in your routine, your daily journal, new experiences, and more confident energy will provide a great month this year.