Santa Isn’t Real?

Victoria Velasco, Staff

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“I got home from a trip on Christmas morning and found no gifts under our tree. I put two and two together and realized Santa couldn’t put the gifts under the tree because “Santa” came with me on the trip.”

-Phillip Foley


“I thought of this crazy idea to put laxatives in the cookies I left for Santa when I was little. The next morning my dad was in the bathroom all day. It wasn’t the tamales because the rest of my family was fine. Santa needs to be more cautious when eating other people’s cookies.”

-Ximena Zuniga


“I got a Wii from Santa when I was 11 years old. A few days after Christmas, I went to the store and my mom gave Santa’s true identity away. She shouted to my dad ‘We should’ve gotten her this Wii instead. It’s cheaper!’ I then knew that Santa was not real.”

-Mia Perez


“On Christmas Eve, I hid in my living room to catch Santa in the act. I waited for a long time until I saw my dad putting presents under the tree. I didn’t say a word, I was in shock.”

-Idris Chargois


“My cousin and I were talking about the Tooth Fairy one day and how much money we would get. After I said how much I received, out of jealousy, she spoiled the truth about the Tooth Fairy and Santa.”

-Sophie Resendez


“I was looking for shoes in my TV room closet and I discovered something hidden underneath blankets. Santas presents, wrapped up and ready to go a week before Christmas. Santa was actually called My Parents.”

-Evelyn Castellano


“Growing up with older siblings, I never believed in Santa because they told me the truth as soon as I could understand words.”

-Michael Lopez


“When I was 6 years old, I found out that Santa didn’t exist. I’m the youngest of my siblings and they would always ruin things for me. One day they told me that Santa was a made up person so I decided to ask my parents. They ended up telling me the truth and I cried for days.”

-Yasmeen Medrano


“It was Christmas Eve when I found out that Santa was a big fat lie. I went to Target to buy cookies to leave out for Santa and my dad pushed me into buying his favorite kind. He told me to get a certain kind because last year’s cookies I left out were terrible. I knew what he was implying so I bought the worst kind of cookies as revenge.”

-Miguel Arechar


“When I was 10, I peeked into my stockings a couple of days before Christmas and saw gifts from “Santa” inside. I knew he didn’t do early deliveries and I knew something wasn’t right. After a lot of thinking I came to the conclusion Santa was not real.”

-Michael Gil


“After a girl asked if she could interview me for the newspaper about Santa, I gladly accepted. The first question she asked was ‘How did you find out Santa wasn’t real?’ I was a sophomore who barely found out he didn’t exist.”

-Alex Valdez