Female Athletes Seek Locker Room

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Female Athletes Seek Locker Room


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The female athletic population is quite frazzled by the school’s decision to begin construction on their locker rooms four weeks before the school year is over. This is leaving the unfortunate girls displaced to the boys’ basketball locker room to dress after their first period workout. Not only that, but the athletes are greatly inconveniencing the hallway lockers by shoving their used workout clothes into their mouth when that definitely was not in their job description.

“I don’t see why the construction couldn’t have waited,” said Dani Benevides (10) “It’s weird to be in the boys’ locker room and not have our room open.”

Many of the female athletes considered their locker room to be something like a sanctuary for them. It is where they could go before school as they waited for classes to start and it was a clear meeting point for the athletes after school.

Without it, the girls are forced to explore different areas of the school or just wait for their friends in the area outside the boarded up locker room doors like lost puppies.

“I always forget that my stuff isn’t in the locker room,” said Abby Barth (10) “I’m getting better at [remembering], but it’s still weird to walk by and know that we can’t use the lockers in there- if there even are lockers in there anymore.”

The female athletes are not the only ones affected by this change. The trainers have to deal with the relentless hammering and banging of the construction crew next door. Not to mention the fact that the renovations to the girls’ locker rooms will be taking a chunk of the training room where the ice machines were and adding it to the girls’ space.

Athletes and trainers alike agree that the early start on the girl’s new locker rooms has been a large inconvenience to them as the year ends, but was necessary to ensure that next year starts smoothly for everyone.

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