A Full Plate and Vase

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A Full Plate and Vase


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Rebecca Sauceda (12) is more than just a dedicated swimmer- she doubles as a quiet, yet detailed artist and creator of award-winning pieces.

Last year, Rebecca stunned family, friends, and her art teacher Rina Roberts by placing in the State division of the Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE) with her detailed 2D piece, “Escape.”

With much gratitude and confidence, she knew her artistic journey would not stop there. For this year’s VASE, Sauceda decided to go with a different approach this year, and make her piece 3D. She admits that creating three-dimensional artwork was definitely a challenge- one that she was not afraid to take.

This year, preparing for VASE took a lot of Sauceda’s energy and strength, causing her to go two weeks without proper sleep. However, she did not let sleeplessness affect her swimming schedule, her involvement in the National Honor Society, or her position in the top three percent of her class.

On February 22, she competed in VASE again, and was relieved and excited to enter the judging room and share about her latest work, “Tales.”

“Not many want to hear a full scale explanation about your art, so it was nice to explain it to an eager ear,” Sauceda said in regards to her experience in the judging room.

Sauceda and her fellow competitors waited several hours to see the results, until finally the judges’ doors flung open for all to see.

“After ten minutes of looking at the pieces, I hadn’t seen mine, so I assumed I hadn’t made it,” Sauceda said. “That’s when my boyfriend walked over, grinning. He told me he found my art piece [in the finalists’ room] and showed me where it was.”

Entering the State pieces division room is a nervous experience for any artist, but for a high school senior this is especially true. Sauceda was overjoyed as she found out the news that she would qualifying for the VASE state competition for the second time in a row- extremely rare for any art student.

Sauceda is a prime example of what a punctilious drive and a creative flare can do for a person.