Clarrissa Rivera, Journalist
Hey there reader from some random computer screen! I am the 'Brave' ginger who hails from the magical land of cupcakes and forest nymphs! :p Nah, really I'm just a person who happens to have some sort of writing ability, and I am hoping to showcase my random, quirky thoughts during the course of this year. It's my last year at ol' faithful Memorial high, but my first in newspaper. Besides becoming involved in the newspaper staff, I've suck to choir since middle school for a total of 6 years, been involved in two musicals, am a member of F.I.S.H. connections, and the Environmental Science club. You'll see me eating lunch on the floor under the sign that says 'no food allowed' just because I find it better to stare at a wall rather than awkwardly meet eyes with a creepy person across the cafeteria. My plans for the future are to open a psychology practice with some of my closest friends and make a couple of medical breakthroughs! So here's to a wicked school year, love you all, and God bless! :)

Clarrissa Rivera, Journalist

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