Young’s Keys

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Young’s Keys

Jacob Young, Staff

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As the season has come to a close there is one thing still up for grabs and that is the city and district regular season football championship.

So we finish off our season playing against the ugly Nikki Rowe Warriors and here I go to give you the keys to victory.

The Warriors love to pass the ball which is great for our defense because that is our specialty. We have been able to rush quarterbacks and get hold them from getting first downs.

For the season the Warriors pass for 234 yards per game, but only rush for 132 yards.

Before I move on with this the weather for kickoff will be around the low 60’s with a good chance of light rain making it a good chance that if the Warriors coach is smart to just run the ball, because in that condition it would make the ball much more difficult to throw and even catch.

Which brings me to key number one for us we need to be ready for anything, as in the trick plays and watching out for them to switch to a running attack against us. All year long the number one thing stopping us from turning the ball over or forcing them to punt was the run defense. It’s the sole reason why we struggled against the La Joya Coyotes.

Now with key number two for us. Do what you have been doing all season on defense. Create turnovers. What helps is that since we have so much depth we can stay fresh on defense no matter what happens. Which brings me to this the offense.

For the offense each possession you get to make it as long as you can. Eat up the clock and make the defense frustrated. The key to that is hand the ball off to our running backs before third down and when need be pass it. Not too long of a throw because of the rain. We have stuff to lose for this, a home playoff game and the right to be the best football team in Mcallen.

The best part is we can change up the play calling all night even on offense with so much depth. We have a pair of quarterbacks to a pair of running backs to a pair of even tight ends. I’m over exaggerating here, but it is to get my point across that we have a crazy amount of depth on our hand and we need to use it wisely.

With that being said if we stick to those keys then we should have no problem winning. My prediction will be us 56-38 Warriors with us out on top making us district and city champs and for locking in a home playoff game.

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