Lady Mustangs Dominate The Dogs

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Lady Mustangs Dominate The Dogs

Zach Moore, Staff

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Rivalry Week was last week against our arch nemesis, the McHi Bulldogs, and that meant we had to show our school spirit to defeat these dogs.

There were multiple events and games that allowed us to do this,  which included our football game, volleyball game cross country meet, the Battle of the Books between our yearbook staffs, and our Dairy Queen Showdown!

Volleyball’s win against McHi on Tuesday was a major contribution to our dominance over the bulldogs. After being beaten by the bulldogs weeks before, our Lady Mustangs felt motivated to take home the win.

Jocelynn Everage, a junior and a team co-captain of the Mustang varsity volleyball team, highly contributed to our volleyball team’s win against McHi.

“Well, we knew this win wasn’t going to come easy, so we had to really work hard and push and want it. It’s not about our skill prior to the game; it’s about who wanted it more.”

This attitude of our volleyball girls payed off, providing one of our first wins against McHi.

“We couldn’t be cocky, because we knew they had a win on us. Everyone who watched our last game could tell that we had terrible team chemistry, but we’ve learned from that. After our latest win against Rowe, we have bonded and worked harder than ever and are confident going into the game.”

Coming off of their last loss against McHi, weeks prior to this game, our Lady Mustangs worked harder than ever to take back their win for the Mighty Mustangs!

“There’s always tons of pressure, especially on a rivalry game like this. It’s our Pink Out game, which is really special to us.”

Fighting for breast cancer awareness and against our rival, our volleyball team was further fueled to play their hearts out to secure another victory against the bulldogs.

Thanks to our Mighty Lady Mustangs, Memorial was able to start off the rivalry week with an awesome victory. This victory proved to be vital for Memorial’s later success in other events against McHi and inspired school spirit that would last throughout the week. Congrats to our amazing varsity volleyball team and all of the Mustangs for working their hardest to take home multiple wins against the bulldogs!

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