Young’s Keys to Victory: Rivalry Week

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Young’s Keys to Victory: Rivalry Week

Jacob Young, Sports Editor

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Another week of football has passed and now it is time to break down the biggest game of the season. It’s rivalry week vs Mcallen High School.

Mchi was able to get to 2-3 in the season beating Lahoya 35-9. A very impressive win for them given the fact that they have not looked good.

Mchi comes into this game with rushing 179 yards per game so far this year. It shows that Mchi has not been able to run the ball as successfully as they have liked.
They just do not have a good offensive line and it has shown through their stats. Even though they have a bad o line they have been able to pass the ball well with racking up 118 yards a game. It helps them balance out their offense since they lack in the running department. Yet they won’t be able to do that when they play us.

Our defense is set around rushing the passer and we go for two sacks a game which means if Mchi wants to get around our defense well then they should run it. For most of this season, our defense has not been well on stopping the run this season. Most of the points scored on them have been from explosive runs that they just couldn’t stop, so if Mchi wants to win then they should optimize on that. Their offense only produces 299 yards a game. It shows that their offensive line is struggling.

For us, our offense comes into this game looking much better than they have all season scoring a whopping combined 112 points from their past two games. Most of it has come from their run game, but this year even though they only have around 79 yards passing per game most of their passing results for a touchdown. It has helped their play calling out where they can be more sneaky with it.

Our offensive line has shown lately that they are ready for any opponent’s defense that steps foot on the field because they have allowed their offense to rack up 353 yards per game. Another key for us is that we have depth. Since we have that depth we can run more than one quarterback during the play and change the running back looks. It also means that our team can be much fresher late in the game to close it out.

For points this year per game we hold the advantage with 32 points on average per game by Mchi’s 26 points per game.

Not only will this be another epic chapter in the rivalry, but also we have beaten them seven years consecutively. Even if both teams fix their mistakes on defense and offense I still think we will walk away with the eighth straight victory 48- 38.

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