The Stanford Man

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The Stanford Man


Fans and alumni look forward to it in off-season. The first Wednesday of February marks signing day for talented athletes across the nation. For those special people like Trevor Speights (12), the dream continues.

“It’s a dream come true,” Speights said. “I have been dreaming about this moment since I was seven and I am going to one of the best academic schools in the country.”

Students who may have watched him out on the football field or sat next to him in class filled an entire side of the gym in the awe of the moment. His family, coaches and people who saw him through his career surrounded him as he gave a short, touching speech and signed the official division one papers.

“I worked towards being the best in the Valley, that was my goal as a Freshman, and I would say I

achieved that goal,” Speights said.

He knows it will not be easy to get the starting spot next season.

“Everyone has their shot depending on how you work and how hard you go and practice, so I like my chances,” he said.

Speights knew where he wanted to commit after visiting the Stanford campus.

“It’s a beautiful school, beautiful campus, but what bought me over was that everyone has the same goal which was to be successful,” he said.

Speights will also be running track come track season with Stanford to help him improve during the offseason.

“I have been running track for the last four years so I will keep doing it.”

Speights also shared advice for his fans and kids who want to be like him.

“Work hard,” he said. “You’re going to be an underdog and you will face adversity, but it matters how you respond.”

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