Pink Out the Purple

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Pink Out the Purple


For 33 years, the football team has gone up against McHi. This year’s game will be at McAllen Veterans Memorial Stadium Friday at 7:30 p.m.

“This game is a big game,” Head Coach Bill Littleton said. “When I first got to Memorial, McHi was the team that everyone in the Memorial family wanted to beat and we have made it a big football game over the years.”

Both teams are looking to take down the other in the race for district and city champions. Last year the score was 42-28.

“I think if you were to ask Mchi they would probably say Memorial is their biggest rival also,” Coach Littleton said. “There’s a lot of community pride put in the two schools and there are a lot of bragging rights as well.”

Rain is in the forecast for Friday night’s game.

“The rain won’t affect the way that we play the football game much,” Coach Littleton said. “We will try to take care of the football and keep it dry as much as possible, but a wet game kind of gives the advantage to the underdog in my opinion.”

The starting defensive lineup is as follows: left corner, Ozzy Salazar; linebacker, Trae Guerra; middle linebacker, Ricky Miner; tackle, Josh Fuentes; quick end, Paul Zuniga; right corner, Irvin Guajardo; cornerback, Joey Delgado; linebacker, Jaryd Lara; back linebacker Sam Hinojosa; kicker, Raphael Juarez; punter, Ivan Davis; and deep snapper Burney Elizondo.

“We have to try and limit Mchi, they are pretty explosive on offense,” Coach Littleton said. “We have to try to stop them on their big plays and try to make them drive and earn every yard they get”.

The starting offensive lineup is as follows: wide receiver, DJ Johnson; left tackle, Frank Maza; left guard, Aaron Ramirez; center, Armando Garcia; right guard, Teddy Garcia; right tackle, Esteban Perez; tight end,Trey Earhart; middle linebacker, Emilio Alvarez; fullback, Emilio Mendez; quarterback, Jonathan Sanchez; and the running back will be Trevor Speights.

“Offensively, we need to try and score on every possession just in case it does turn into a wild scoring game, and it’s kind of the same on special teams. [We need to] limit the big plays on special teams,” Coach Littleton said.

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