Season’s Greetings: Varsity Football Team Says Hello to New District, New Teammates, and New Goal

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Season’s Greetings: Varsity Football Team Says Hello to New District, New Teammates, and New Goal

Adziko N. Tsatenawa, Assistant Editor

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Last year’s varsity boys football team had a spectacular season, claiming a total of five titles. As the McAllen City Champions, Area Champions, District, and Bi-district Champions with a 12-1 record in the city of McAllen, some fans are anxious to see what the team will accomplish this year. Others question whether the team will be able to reach or even surpass those accomplishments.

Garrett Sharp (12), captain of the football team, encourages fans not to cling to last year’s accomplishments because the team is not.

“We are trying to improve our team and exceed expectations,” said Sharp as he lounged on a blue cot in the in the training room while striking at his  half eaten apple.

Sharp said that these football games would be very challenging and would also be very intense.

Strategies and training have not changed in preparation for the new district, but the team has changed the angle of their workouts. The team is getting down to fundamentals and paying great attention to detail in attempts to improve their kicking and their offensive schemes.

Bill Littleton, head coach, saw signs of a promising team at last week’s game against Edinburg and believes that the team will do well this year. Despite those thoughts, Littleton is not oblivious to the seven out of the nineteen teams in the district that made it to playoffs last season.

Regardless of these fierce competitors, Littleton would still like to see the support of the student body just as he did last year.

“The chemistry we had in the stands was incredible, just amazing,” he said.

Title after title, the student body conjured up new ways to celebrate the team’s winnings. Activities like the  Blue Out were held at the front of the school. Students could have their hair dyed blue and purchase blue things like headbands, shirts, key-chains, and even mustang face paintings to show off their school spirit. “We were building a tradition” he said, and they were.

The Homecoming Dance and other celebrations had large amounts of student participants. Students were very proud to show off their mustang colors.

“We’re a good football team but not a great football team,” said Littleton. “But I think we will be before [the season] is over.”

Coaches, captains, and teammates are determined to deliver a great and prosperous season. This they plan to accomplish with hard work, the strong and endless support of the student body, and the unbreakable chemistry of the team.

“We are reloaded and ready,” said Sharp proudly as he held two thumbs up in the air. “We plan on making this a good year.”