The Battle of McAllen

Christian Williams, Reporter

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It has been revolutionary conquest, always to be remembered at Memorial High school as the team who “Found a Way.” Outlasting any challenge, hurdling any obstacle, a team worthy of a pat on the back, a team battling for the gratification of walking off a field a champion. A term well accepted here. They are fanatic, they are hungry, and on the stampede of their life. Friday, October 21 the Mustangs dominated our last home rival in a legendary onslaught of the Rowe warriors buckling in the City Champ title.

The game was held at the Mcallen ISD Stadium, it was a frantic friday, every one painted up eager for an exciting match. Thats just what they got.

First, Rowe got the ball to initiate the starting of the game. The Warriors had trouble picking up the first down and were pressurized to kick. The punt was short but the gain for the Mustangs was huge, leading the men in blue was number 15, Matthew Kaufmann (12) who ran a 35 yard touchdown up the throat of the Warriors to pick up the first points of the night. The score was set at 7-0 with 9:47 left in the first quarter. Dropped passes, loss of running yards, the Warriors tasted a little bit of hoof, and once again forced to punt. After losing a lot  of ground the Mustangs revert and go airborne Kaufmann nailing a 26 yard pass, caught by number 3, Raul Jimenez (12). From just within the Red-Zone, Kaufmann dives in for a 3 yard touchdown with 4:30 minutes left in the quarter to bring the Mustang lead to 14 points.

As the clock runs loose, the Rowe warriors failed to implement a secure passing game. Soon to prove that was Jimenez intercepts a overhead pass which send the offense back onto the field. Following the interception the Warriors hold their ground forcing a punt out of the Mustangs coming in the start of the 2nd quarter.

With the Warriors still hanging on they score on their next possession bringing some much needed hope for the Rowe fans. The game was set at 14-7 now. Advocating for an even greater applause the Warriors execute a on-side kick which proves worthy. Giving extra chance at recovery, the Warriors keep dropping important passes and lose yards to the Mustang pressure. The game switches between possession with both teams unable to get a lick at the end zone.

With the quarter halfway finished the Rowe running-back swings around the sideline to score about a 70 yard run mounting a volley of frustration at the officials from the Memorial coaches and fans. The game was tied 14-14. Hoping for the same result, the Warriors try another onside kick but was stopped in its tracks. The ball seesaws arounds the field both, teams giving up possessions. As the marching bands make their way onto the sidelines ready to perform number 28, Gabriel Alonzo (12) trucks his way through to the end zone, ending the half. The Mustangs are winning 21-14.

With Kaufmann returning the kick, he configures an impressive 40 yard run giving the Stangs huge ground. The Mustangs balance the yards between number 34, E.J. Aguilera (12), who helped drive the ball to the Red-Zone and number 24, Rigo Rodriguez (12), who exerted all his might for a touchdown giving the Mustangs a comfortable lead, 28-14. Rowe, with two catches reeling them closer and closer to the end zone, they catch a break through the defensive blockade setting the game at a seven point difference. Celebration for the Warriors didn’t last long when Kaufmann let loose on their next drive with a glorifying 52 yard run giving his team a 14 point lead, 35-21. With no where for the Warriors to go on their next drive, they retreat the ball, giving Aguilera his turn at a touchdown celebration. The Mustangs acquire a 2 point conversion following the TD run spreading the score to 36-14. With time of the essence, the warriors can’t seem to figure out a cohesive operation, getting sacked, losing yards, then an interception once again gives the ball back to Kauffman who dances his way to the end-zone for more than 30 yards, 49-21. Following the glorious touchdown, the Mustang kicker pops son-side kick which grants recovery of the ball, and a roar from the stands.

Trying to hold on to their 28 point lead, Kaufmann seems to be having trouble in the pocket. But Alonzo soars in to save the play by completing a 20 yard or more pass offering a huge gain on the play as Aguilera sets Kaufmann up with huge run to the one yard line enabling Kaufmann an easy stroke up the middle which creates another episode of applause as he lands in the end-zone, 56-21. With the city champ title on the line, the Warriors never gave up and drilled consecutive passes to acquire another touchdown slowly putting points on the board, 56-29. But the game was long from being over when Alonzo slides another touchdown run of about 15 yards, 63-21 5:00 left in the game. With the time gradually coming to a close, it was evident of a Mustang victory. But Rowe still has some gas in the motor and ran till they couldn’t run no more accepting a final touchdown leaving the Mustangs in the lead 63-35. As the buzzer gives off its last cry of the night, the mighty Mustangs walk off the field 8-0.

Coach Littleton said ” It wasn’t a pretty game, their were a lot of penalties and emotions, It was a typical city rivalry.”

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