1940’s Christmas Carol

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1940’s Christmas Carol


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Don’t turn that dial, folks. You’re tuned in to a 1940’s Christmas Carol, live on the air.

This year’s musical is 1940’s Christmas Carol. It will take place December 4-6. Tickets are on sale in the choir room for $10, or through any of the cast members while their supply lasts.

The 1940’s Christmas Carol is a musical in which the actors are radio personalities putting on a show of the seasonal classic tale, A Christmas Carol. The actors fill the show with m any technical sounds usually made by a radio soundboard.

“The coolest part [of the musical] will probably be getting to see the kids produce all the sound effects on stage everything from doors closing, to people walking on snow,” Mr.Samaniego said.
Mr.Samaniego’s main goal this year is to have the kids perform a play that will draw in the audience and bring a holiday feel to the Christmas season.

“I decided a Christmas show would be perfect. Musically the show is so rich and lush because of the jazz harmony it will be a very unique spin on an average Christmas show,” he said.

Many winter “Texans” are expected to show up. The show was specifically accommodated to the type of humor “winter-Texans” will understand. Regardless, it is also filled with small jokes to entertain an audience of all ages.

Samaniego says the 1940’s Christmas Carol will be a busy show with different aspects to it, and it will definitely be very rewarding and successful for the choir department and everyone who goes to watch.