Passing up the PSATs

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Passing up the PSATs


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On Wednesday morning, while freshman, sophomores and juniors continued with general curriculum or slugged through the PSAT, seniors were gathered in the auditorium for a morning full of excitement. In a hodge-podge of college information, games, movies, and class rings, seniors find relief from the testing environment.

Besides the seniors and staff involved in the morning activities, few others knew or discussed what occurs while the majority of the school is taking the PSAT.

“I know a few seniors now, and I knew a few last year, but none of them talked to me about what they did that morning,” Carolina Ciagala (10) said.

The assembly remains shrouded by mystery to Ciagala and she is ready to have light shed on her admitted ignorance of the situation. She is eager for her senior year, so she can participate in the events of the day. Said Ciagala, “All I’ve really heard is how much fun it is.”

Even many current seniors admitted to be confused about the situation and had no idea what was coming.

“I knew we were going to kind of mess around and wait [in the auditorium], but that’s it,” Jordan Arriaga (12) said.

Counselors and PAL students organized the assembly, which included a few guest speakers. Information regarding college applications and scholarships alternated with games and movies to keep the students alert and involved.

Initially, two speakers were welcomed. They presented helpful information for seniors about applications and scholarship applications until 10:00 o’clock. Seniors then moved into the gym for activities hosted by PAL students. They played games such as “Ships and Sailors” and “Cat and Mouse.” When they were eventually directed back into the auditorium, their body heat and excitement was evident.

“It was really relaxing this morning,” said Chris Rock (12), a PAL student who helped teach the games to the seniors. “Not being in class and just getting to have fun was a lot better than stressing over just life as a senior.”

Not everyone participate in the games, however; those who did not received the option of watching the movie Bully in the auditorium instead. Jordan Arriaga was one of those students, and indicated that he was extremely gracious for the break.

“I thought that was nice of them,” Arriaga said. “I was pretty sleepy and getting to sit down while watching that was perfect.”

After the games, the same movie was presented to the class as a whole for a few more minutes before another guest spoke. Class robes and rings were discussed for the next hour. Pamphlets and order forms were then handed out before seniors were dismissed into a normal bell schedule.

“A lot of pretty helpful information was given to us today,” Jordan said. “Along with a much needed tiny break.”