The Great Espino Rivalry

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The Great Espino Rivalry


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On Thursday, May 22nd, sisters Amber and Krystal Espino will face off in a battle that will push their minds and bodies to their limits and bring out the competitive nature that the sisters have in them.

Otherwise known as “Powder Puff,” the tradition of the junior girls playing the seniors in football has a history of getting pretty “rough and dirty” as past spectators have noted. The seniors try their hardest to claim the glory and pride to which they feel entitled as the top dogs on campus; the juniors fight to crush the senior’s dreams and prove their dominance of to the older class.

Amber (11) and Krystal (12) will be seeing each other on the field, and for one night, it seems the two are going to have to forget they are sisters and play hard for their competing teams.

“Honestly, I think it’ll be exciting [to go up against Amber] because we’ve never played against each other,” Krystal said. “We’re always on the same team, so whatever the outcome is, we’ll know we both did good.”

Amber agrees that it’s going to be challenging for her to face her sister in the game because they are both very competitive and they both want their teams to win.

At home, the two will sometimes do some healthy trash talking with each other.

“We talk about who’s going to beat who, which team’s better, and we go back and forth on who thinks that their team’s plays are better,” Amber said, “but we don’t discuss the plays detail by detail, we will wait until game day and leave it all on the field.”

The girls say that the hype has extended past them. Students they do not even know will sometimes come up to them and tell them it is going to be a good match, and to be ready.

“Random people have been coming up to me and asking me if I’m scared to go up against my sister, if I think I can take her, and things like that,” Amber said. “I hear it all the time.”

Both girls are preparing for the game with their respective classes and are trying not to let their sister or talks from other students get in their head. Both agree that they will put the outside distractions aside as soon as the first whistle blows.

“Just as well as I know her, she knows me,” Krystal said. “I know all her strengths and weaknesses, and she knows mine. I’m just going to have to find a way to prove her wrong on the field.”

Amber has similar views toward the rivalry.

“I’m going to go in 100% with a clear mind and figure out a way to forget that she’s my sister for the game- or to just pretend she’s not my sister,” Amber said. “In other words, I won’t take it easy on her or give her any chances.”

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