MISD Adopts New Fundraising Policy

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MISD Adopts New Fundraising Policy

Josh Godinez, Reporter

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McAllenISD has changed the policy on fundraisers this year, adding on to the rules of the former policy in previous years. Rules and regulations are much more rigid, making things difficulty for school clubs and organizations to gather funds.

According to the district policy, a fundraiser is defined as any activity involving the participation of a student body or school-recognized group undertaken for the purpose of deriving funds. The new rules call for a club responsibility of a net loss, meaning that clubs must fill out forms for administration in the event of an unsuccessful fundraiser. A maximum duration of two-weeks, and restrictions for incentives or prizes for top sellers were also placed in the policy

In addition to these rules, the policy bans raffles, door-to-door sales, and bingos. The policy also goes into detail about submitting paperwork and funds prior, during, and after the event or fundraiser. Permission forms must be written and signed, and inventory must be carefully kept track of.

“I don’t like the new policy–I feel restricted from doing the things the kids want,” says Mrs. Vivian Tamez, student council sponsor, who despite this feeling, inclination, disposition, etc. is very respectful of the regulations. “The changes in the policy have a direct effect on money raised by students, and how they spend it.”

Whether liked or not, this new policy is what must be followed by all clubs or organizations that need to raise money. The emphasis placed on fundraiser regulations in the MISD Activity Fund Manuel definitely makes fundraisers an important topic for all club sponsors and presidents to be familiar with.

“Rules are stricter. It makes things more difficult for club funds,” says Tamez. “This is affecting and restricting sponsors, and what they can do as far as fundraising”

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