Sebastian Valer

Denise Pedraza, Editor-in-Chief

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Getting To Know: Sebastian Valer


Grade: Senior


Occupation: President of the Spanish Honors Society


How Many Years Have You Been In The Spanish Honors Society? 

I have been in the club for two years.


How Did You Find Out About The Spanish Honors Society?

My sister told me about it.


What Made You Join?

I wanted to join because I’m Hispanic and I’m proud of it and I like doing stuff with people who are Hispanic like me.


What Is Your Job As The President?

My job is to, in my opinion, bring everyone together and just enjoy it and hopefully by the end of the year we will be like a little family.


Why Did You Want To Be The President?

I wanted to be a leader in the club because I wanted to see good changes and also make it more known in the school.


What accomplishments have you made in the club?

I did a lot of community hours like 20 or 25.


Any Struggles?

Last year, I think, people saw it more as an obligation and didn’t like it, so this year I am trying to change that.


What Are Your Goals This Year?

Unite the members and make new friends.


Any Advice To Anyone Who Would Like To Join? 

Come to every meeting and try to do the hours early [in the year] because at the end of the year you don’t want to be worrying about that.


Any Words You Would Like To Say To Your Readers? 

If you’re a freshman, sophomore, or junior and you are proud of being a Hispanic, join the Spanish Honors Society and you’ll have fun.


How To Join The Spanish Honors Society

  • Take at least an AP Spanish course and pass it
  • Submit an application to Mrs. Villareal