Kristina Valdez

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Kristina Valdez


“I joined by accident, but it was a happy accident.”



Getting To Know: Kristina Valdez


Grade: Junior


Occupation: Yearbook Editor


How Many Years Have You Been In Yearbook?

I joined the class Journalism my freshmen year and applied to Yearbook my sophomore year. This will be my second year. 


What Made You Join?

I was doing a lot of writing in my middle school years and Mrs. Martin came to visit to encourage students to join the journalism class. I was really interested and I wanted to continue my writing and improve. I actually wanted to join Newspaper at first, but Mrs. Martin encouraged me to join Yearbook, so I can broaden my horizons.


As An Editor, What Is Your Job?

I design spreads [yearbook pages], manage and oversee staff . I check and edit spreads. 


Why Did You Want To Be Editor?

I wanted to be editor because I really enjoyed Yearbook my sophomore year and I wanted to continue pursuing Yearbook. I thought being editor would be a good way to challenge myself as well. 


What Is Your Schedule Like?

I have yearbook fourth and fifth period and lunch in between, but I work during my lunch, especially during crunch time. I don’t need to stay after school. On most Saturdays, you can find me here.


Who Do You Admire Most About Yearbook?

I think I admire the hard work Yearbook requires. It almost forces you to be better at meeting deadlines and putting your 110 percent in the book, so you are a better student and staff writer.


What Are Your Goals This Year?

My goal is to train a staff, because they are all so young and have not had any experience. I also want to create a really good book that will hopefully win a Star when we get critiqued.


Any Struggles?

It is hard to give up most of my Saturdays to Yearbook, because usually I would do my homework then. It is hard to manage a staff and manage my grades. I have to make sacrifices. But, it is a give and take situation. It is worth it in the end. My editors keep me going. And, I know I can not let them down, that is what motivates me.


Are You Planning To Continue In College?

 I am considering majoring in journalism or biomedical or biochemsitry. But, I definitely want to continue writing.


Any Advice To Anyone Who Would Like To Join?

Make sure you have time to dedicate to the book. Make sure you are disciplined, timely, and you do you work.


Any Advice To Aspiring Editors?

Make sure you have the time, because it will consume your entire schedule and you also have to be very disciplined. If you have the drive and motivation you will do it. Anyone can do it. 


Any Words You Would Like To Say To Your Readers?

Appreciate the book. Hard work and countless hours have been put into it. We are doing this for you, and we hope you enjoy it.



Yearbook Updates:

  • Pre-Order your yearbook today in Room 39
  • Only 70 Dollars, price will raise once the Yearbooks arrive
  • You can leave a 40 dollar down payment.
  • Yearbooks will arrive in Mid-May



How To Join Yearbook

  • Pick up an application in Room 39
  • No certain requirements are needed
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