Jorge Vazquez

Delia Salinas, Editor-In-Chief

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Getting To Know: Jorge Vazquez


Grade: Junior


Quality: Swimming


How Many Years Have You Been In Swimming?

I have been in swimming for five years.


What Made You Join?

My dad thought it would be a good idea because he was a swimmer.


Do You Consider It Your Passion?

I consider it a fun hobby.


What Is Your Practice Routine?

I practice pretty hard all week, from Monday to Friday [during the] morning and on Saturdays I go run and work on my legs. On Sundays I like to rest.


Do You Follow A Special Diet?

Not really, I just avoid eating excessive amount of sugars.


How Many Pool Records Have You Broken, If Any?

I haven’t broken many records but I have been very close to them.


Who Do You Admire The Most In the Swimming World?

My dad, he inspires me and motivates me everyday for my meets and even practices.


Are You Planning To Swim In College?

I would like to swim in college to get better and achieve all my goals in the sport.


What Are Your Hopes For This Season?

I hope to be number one in the state of Texas for the 100 Breaststroke.


Any Advice To Anyone Who Would Like To Join?

Just train hard everyday and not give up, to set up goals and try to achieve them. The little things matter the most.