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We have fought the good fight, we have ran the good race. We crossed the finish line together. I question whether it was providence that such true talent and intelligence can be brought together in one classroom. As many of you, including me, will be leaving, I just want to express my thanks with words that do little justice to the individuals working room 39.

Josh- Our fearless leader, and my partner in crime! You had such big shoes to fill and I think you sized up beautifully. You are a strong thinker and if anyone resembled the coalition of Mr. Moore and C.T. Fletcher, it would be you Josh. Your salubrious vocabulary and your dedication to your health are inspiring to say the least. You stood out as a leader, not only in getting me to venture into the wonders of the the Aggie facilities, but you made working for you enjoyable. You kept the class active and took time to talk to each and every person on the staff. If you were to write a book, I would be the first to buy it. You always knew what to say and when to not say anything, which is such a good trait in a leader. Never once did I question Mrs. Martin’s decision on making you the editor-in-chief because I knew without a doubt that you will bring a swift hand of justice to to hard-working people of room 39.

Carina- The late recruit of the Round-up staff, but if I were ignorant of that knowledge and strolled into class, I wouldn’t be able to tell. Your transition into the social setting in room 39 seemed painless. The atmosphere grew with your enthusiasm and participation in the brainstorm and I undoubtedly agree with your philosophy, “Knowledge is power.” Something unique I found in your writing is your absolute attitude in your style of diction. I never had to re-read or scratch my head is confusion when I read your stories with attributes a clear thought process. Thank you for your hard work and admiration for something that means all of my academic career.

Anthony-  Howdy doodle-do Anthony! I must say first and foremost that If I had a dime for everytime you made Mrs. Martin tell you to take off your hat as you walked into class with your outgoing orange boots (at least I think they’re boots) I would be able to afford Kate Upton’s hand in marriage! With that being said, I want to thank you for all the comic relief you brought to room 39 on a daily basis. Your sometimes crazy ideas or even lack of ideas brought a sense of humor to brainstorms. You did a good job in bleeding your character over into your stories which provided a good editorial style of writing. Thank you Anthony for your hard work, I hope newspaper provided you an adequate median to express your ideas and I strongly suggest that you join the staff next year.

Estefania- Hello Estefania! I know how busy you must have been due to being the co-editor of the yearbook, and a reporter for the Round-up, I just wanted to say thanks! Given your inherent duties under the line of fire from Mrs. Martin, you seemed to keep a cool head through it all and I noticed that you always had an answer to every problem. I found that trait to be very useful for brainstorming and common computer malfunctions. You are a very dependable person that will get the job done, whatever the cost. Once again, thank you.

Amy- Even though I may not know you as well as I would have liked, I have always admired your sure-long passion for sharing God’s word and your innate ability to always seem happy. A smile goes a long way, and on several occasions your positive encouragement toward others leaked into my life and made an impact on me. I can vouch for the whole staff on that. You are a very creative person and I hope you take that far with you in your walk with Christ! Thank You Amy for your commitment toward this publication and for being the light in times of darkness.

David- You have been through it all. Even though I still lack a clue why you don’t like me enough to come back to class, I want you to know that I still love you brother! All banter aside, you were a great editor and a fantastic writer. You have such a great connection with your work and the way it flowed on paper, that I periodically fumed myself as to how I can write with as much animation as you can. Something special about you David is your ability to ignite a room with energy. You always kept things moving and your funny gestures and attitude during stressful times just made me want to forget everything that may have been going wrong that day. You are a very smart man, with an uncanny ability to cover all the female sports teams, I still don’t know how you did it. Keep fighting David, you are in my prayers as you recover for college. Thank you for the many kind words over the years, and for never going easy on me in basketball.

Vianney- I am ashamed to admit that spelling your name is never easy for me, had to double check on this one. Another thing, I still can’t believe how you are able to get from Dora the Explorer to Michelangelo on Wikipedia so fast! It never mattered how close I thought I was, anyway I must appreciate your unique sense of sarcasm which has brought the best out of many situations. Your witty personality exhibits a strong attraction to your work which is why you had so many grand-slam articles as you did this year! I have really high hopes that you continue showing your dedication to the paper for Josh next year. Thank you for all your hard work and valiant effort soldier.

Bella- Hello Bella! I have known you since the dawn of FCA at Cathey and am really proud with your walk in Christ. I don’t know what it was about that table in the southeast corner of room 39 but I can’t remember you leaving that chair in the back. Not that it’s a bad thing, during my crusade over on the far computer I was granted the opportunity to hear some some really interesting stories and witty comments. No! I promise I’m not a creeper! Anyway, I like how you seem to have an opinion for anything people talk about which I find convenient for conventional communication. Please don’t mind my alliteration there. Anyway, thank you for your unique ideas during Monday brainstorming and for providing the site which some top-notch stories.

Clarissa- Has anyone ever told you that your hair looks like Brave from that one Disney movie? No, well I can’t be the only one… Anyway, I must admit that I was a huge fan of your writing from the beginning. When I say beginning, I mean I noticed how brilliant you were sophomore year in Mrs. Velarde’s class. When I read your work, I couldn’t help but admire your brave imagination as well as your creative diction. You placed the reader in the setting of your story and told a story instead of just news. I not only want to thank you for your dedication, but for also going a little further in your acts of kindness whether it was wearing a sign that told me how much I mattered or supplying me with an endless amount of cupcakes. For this I salute you.

Diana- The thing that stood out from you was your class. Not only in your apparel, but ever so present in your writing. You behold a gift from the writing gods that gives your writing taste, and virtue. I like how multi-talented you are and can only imagine what’s in store for Memorial next year! You are very confident in yourself which I can attribute as to why you like theatrics so much. Thanks for the great journey! Live long and prosper.

Natalie- I’m really sorry I thought you were a junior the other week, it’s because of how fast you run, almost unnatural for a sophomore! I don’t think I ever caught you in a bad mood come to think of it, and that still applies before any big competition. Talk about somebody who can perform well on the soccer field, on the track, and on paper! What ever you do, never cease that cheery attitude. In our world full of gloom and catastrophic booms, a smile can go a really long way.

For us, the storm has passed. The battle is over. But let us never forget those who journeyed into the howling dark and did not return. We salute you Aaron Ziegler, Daniel Izeguirre, and Michael Rayas. For their decision required the utmost courage, their contributions will not be forgotten.