A Farewell, by David Ontiveros


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Wow! What a year it has been! Filled with fun laughs, smiles, and stories to tell. I’ve loved and will greatly miss everyone I’ve been involved with in The Round-Up. It has been a pleasure to work with such fun and creative people under the honorable and strong leadership of my advisor Mrs. Martin. I know for certain I will be continuing to drop by and read the exciting stories the Round-Up will have in the days to come. As a testament to my signing off, I have a special message I’m going to leave with each and every one of you on the staff. With Firstly:


Josh – I don’ t think I could’ve said it better myself, having your presence in the staff makes room 39 all the more manly. In a room saturated with women, it’s nice to throw in some testosterone once in a while. Sitting and rambling on with you on the mystical side of things has given me perspective on your utter genius and all-knowing persona. I plan to come back and challenge you to another wiki-race, just please leave me off with a 2 minute head start. I know you will go great lengths with your star solid guidance and muscular flexing determination for The Round-Up. Stay well and peace be with you.


Natalie – Hey! It’s Young Nat! Or Natalia if you’re fancy! Being able to collaborate with you on several different occasions has been such a blessing. I know and hope that you’ll grow to be a blooming asset for The Round-Up. I also want to make clear that you’re a YOUNG HERO in my book Young Nat, and a great writer at that. I can see the days where you’ll be teaching the great lessons you have learned this year on staff to numerous other Young Nats. You will be the shining light in their oyster! Shine Bright! Shine as if you were a star studded diamond. Because you are, and ain’t nobody gonna put a price on that! Shalom, goodbye Young Nat.


Diana – Well, well if it isn’t my jogging buddy! How many miles have we jogged together so far? 6? 7? 24!?! I lost count. One thing’s for sure I’m not going to lose count of you! Diana, please continue to be the strong creative force the paper thrives on. And I must say, if you’re acting weren’t the most convincing then I must be cross-eyed. Your style is at the top. I will never forget how extraordinary our party plans for Mrs. Martin turned out, and I know you have lots of party opportunities to handle next year. Woot woot! Please continue to contribute bounds to this paper and leave some of your kind, gentle marks. Good Day to you Madame!


Anthony – The swagmeister yet to come! Here he is!! ANTHONYYYYYYY!!!!! Where do I start? Bro you is stylin’. Check it. Bro. You. Is. Stylin’.  Having you on the staff has made this year the most entertaining. Whether it be media or your peachy screen plays, bro you’re always down with something! Keep up the good work friend, I know for certain your earnestness and wishful thinking will come around to award you one day. I want to remind you that I’ll always be a bud when you need me. Keep the effort up, and stay peachy.



Carina – I understand you came in a little late in the year but certainly not too late. It’s been a pleasure to get to know you. You are an excellent tennis player and a star athlete at that. To add, you’re also a fantastic writer. It’s a bit of a shame that we didn’t get to talk much toward the end of the year, but I’m sure our paths will soon cross again. Tell your brother I said hello. You are a perfect piece for next year’s star studded staff. I wish grand things for your senior year, keep on keeping’ on and stay well.


Vianney – And how could I forget! Vianney! Your work ethic and pictures have been wonderful! You’re also a grand addition to the staff. I always looked forward to hearing your witty comments of the latest boy bands and or Justin Bieber on a weekly basis. We have shared some of the dearest of stories together, many I will never forget. I hope and pray that you make it far on wherever your path takes you. Rest assured, I will always liken to remember all of our rage we shared amongst the staff for them to listen and not comment about. Vianney remember me like you remember a bad pimple, swole and a part of you. Please take care and continue to take advantage of your amazing fast-crunching metabolism, which stops at no snack to be a burden. Good-bye Vianney.


Bella –I must say thanks to you for being so fun with your witty jokes and staying in the back to keep peace amongst the staff. I know you have had my back this year with keeping your eyes on the staff in your safe little corner. From which everything arises, you were always on it! Now I know what you’re thinking, “Is this guy a mind reader?” Yes, yes I am. If you would like more information to tell, please ring me later. I know you have grand things and places to be for yourself in the future, I imagine and only wish the best of success for you in the years to come. God Bless you Bella, stay well. And come with Amy and I to Buc-ee’s!


C-L-A-R-R-I-S-S-A – or Braves! Boy it has been wonderful to see you throughout the year! Continue to sell and make bank off your scrumptious slutty brownies! You may have been quiet throughout the year in room 39 but you sure have a way with words on paper. Continue writing, I know you’ll go far. I admire your spontaneity in the middle of conversations and your openness to everything. Please C-L-A-R-R-I-S-S-A, do not change and you’ll be fine. I hope we can stay in touch with each other. Adios mi amiga!


Amy – Amy one of these days we have to go to Buc-ee’s together! So we can wear matching Buckey t-shirts! Bella can join in too; she’s been there. What can I say Amy! Your strong creative suit has been essential to this newspaper staff, and for that you deserve a round of applause (and a high five). I pray and hope you do well for yourself at university, I know with your kind-heart and gentle soul you will do wonders for this little green and blue planet we’re on. Stay strong and Viva la Vida! Have fun!


Estefania – Lookie here! It’s an Estefania! Wow! With such strong prowess, it’s enabled to do anything at the whim of a dime. Estefania it’s been a pleasure to work with your all around good skills. As a yearbook member, I know you’ve been busy with many things on your mind, but I appreciate you having time for the newspaper staff with pics. More importantly I appreciate all the One Direction updates. BUT SERIOUSLY, thank you for the updates. I’m just kidding around Steff!!! Gosh. Keep up the great work with both the newspaper and yearbook staff. With that I know you’ll go a long way. Huzzah Estefania! And bye-bye.


Aaron – Aaron, I know you were only on the staff for basically half a semester this year but it’s still some time. Buddy, we’re on our way! Sure sometimes I’m halfway through things, but it’s the effort that counts. And that’s where you are bro. Pump iron, yeah, keeping working out, yeah, eat red meat and potatoes, yeah, sit-ups! Do a dozen every once and a while. With you my friend, I see improvement, what more can a friend ask for? Stay your great old self, and I’ll see ya places brah!


Danny – You gargantuous beastly you! I can’t believe we made it this far! Man? Where ya been dawg, can’t a brotha get a holla once in a while. I’m sure there will be plenty of those to come, but please hit me up with a bone or something! Gosh! Nah, nah man we good, we good. Hey A&M brotha! Have fun and enjoy it! Let me know where things go and how it ends up. Stay good man, peace.


Christian – We did it! Senior Year! Yeah boiii! My friend, I remember the beginnings of our first encounter with each other in room 39. It was almost like it was yesterday, schooling each other with our paper football kick tricks. I also will never forget our showing in the playoffs of dodge ball this year. I can’t wait to see what you grow and become as the years pass. I know and trust our lasting friendship will remain tight. Please stay crispy (like bacon), and I know you’ll be able to hurdle anything. With grace, good-bye Christian.


Mrs. Martin- Mrs. Martin, oh, oh! Mrs. Martin! I will miss you greatly! Profoundly! Profoundly greatly to the Extent of which is Grand! I know it will not be the same going on without you. I am aware of the special magic you have embellished within me, that is your heart. I will miss the killer instinct, and amazing celebrations – the shocking stories and yes the wicked comebacks. Please know that as Alexander, I too will look at hummus and never think the same way towards this ordinary food product, but as a reason to reach out. Chickpeas and all! You have been an Angel to hang on this year, and I am grateful for it. I leave with some of the best of memories and more reasons to come back.

Good-bye everyone! It’s been a fun ride, but my time is up and I will never forget it. Thank you.