Top 5 Alternative Songs

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Carlos Ramirez

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April 14, 2019
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Top 5 Alternative Songs


1. Gum, Toe, and Sole (Gus Dapperton)

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Gus Dapperton isn’t your ordinary artist and “gum, toe, and sole” isn’t your ordinary song but it is definitely worth a listen to.


2. Dreams Tonite (Alvvays)

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“Dreams Tonite” is a great song for those late night drives in the rain or even when you’re in your room doing homework.


3. We Fell In Love In October (Girl In Red)

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This song is about a girl who is hopelessly devoted to her best friend and starts to catch feelings for her but can’t find the urge to tell her.


4. Flaming Hot Cheetos (Clairo)

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“Flaming Hot Cheetos” is an acoustic song about a boy that the singer has fallen in love with.


5. Off and On (SALES)

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“Off and On” is a song that is great for just chilling in your room and just doing nothing.