Student’s Top 5 Favorite Dog Breeds

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Mia Yarto


It is a known fact that everyone loves dogs, but I was always curious as to which breed of dogs won the fan favorite at Memorial. After surveying 100 people, there were five clear winners and to say the least, I was not disappointed with the outcome.















Fifth Place: French Bulldog.

“Frenchies are so cute and small. I enjoy that compared to many other dogs, Frenchies do not shed that much,” John Rodriguez (12) said.











Fourth Place: Goldendoodle

“Goldendoodles are the prettiest dogs, especially as puppies. I have a six-month-old Goldendoodle at home, Buddy, and he is the love of my life,” Aliah Arafat (12) said.















Third Place: Golden Retriever

“Golden Retrievers are the first dogs I think of when I think of dream dogs. They are so beautiful and I have always wanted one,” Elise Lizka (12) said.















Second Place: Australian Shephard

“My Australian Shephard is the best. She is always so hyper and ready to play. Evan and I take her with us when we go on runs sometimes,” Trevor Williams (12) said.










First Place: Siberian Husky

“Huskies are the most beautiful creatures. I had one when I was younger and every time we would take it out for walks a huge crowd would surround us,” Balbina Gonzalez (12) said.


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