Lunch Line Injustice

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Delia Salinas

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Lunch Line Injustice


Lunch lines are huge, and there are only 30 minutes to get food and eat. Everyone wants to get through the line fast to get food, so they find it better to just cut lines.

“It’s easier to just cut in the middle than to get in the actual line– it takes longer,” Esmer Vasquez (12) said.

People who are waiting in line seem to be okay with it, but not everyone is happy about this situation.

“It makes me feel mad because I want to eat but there’s people who cut and I have to eat faster because I have to wait more,” Karen Elizondo (10) said.

Even though they don’t like people cutting, they still won’t do anything about it.

“No, I wouldn’t do anything about it, because I don’t want people to be mean to me,” Elizondo said.

Two out of seven say they would do something about people who cut in front of them in line.

“Sometimes I [see people when they cut],” Mrs. Valdez said. But even if she does see them, she doesn’t have any real power to do anything against it, only to warn them.

She says it’s hard for anyone to make a big difference in the lunch lines–there are just so many students.

“[We cut] mostly in a hurry because we can’t take our food to class,” Vasquez said.

Maybe time isn’t the issue, maybe it’s that students are not allowed enough time at lunch.

“The lines are crazy,” Vasquez said.

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