A One Direction Infection: Why it might just be the wrong direction?

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A One Direction Infection: Why it might just be the wrong direction?


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Across the nation, an epidemic appears to have taken the young lives of millions of teenage girls, and it’s spreading fast. This fatal virus is called the “One Direction Infection”.

For the lucky ones who have yet to be caught screaming in public over a shirtless picture Harry Styles uploaded on to his Twitter, or for the girls who haven’t come to class in tears over the news that Zayn Malik is now engaged (which left many young hopefuls dismayed), your best bet is to avoid any eye contact with these “5 princes amongst peasants”.

As to whether one should take on the scrupulous life style and labeling as a “Directioner”, it’s apparent that fans all over school have a lot to say about the famous boy band.

“The band is really inspirational, they’re a really good role model for young achievers anywhere” says Aubrey Aria (10).

The U.K. natives have managed to soar their way onto worldwide music charts and have now snatched up the number one spot at the this weeks’ Box Office with their new 3-D concert movie “This Is Us”.  The movie follows the band as they perform in concert at the London’s O2 Arena and documents their busy lives- giving the audience an inside look on what it’s really like to be a member of One Direction.

As for their fans’ reactions- we can say they were more than pleased.

“I really loved the movie! I especially liked each of their stories- it was really cool to see how they remained humble throughout the whole journey” says Mary Osorio (11).

We live in a country where media is heavily present in our lives through various social networking, tabloids, television, etc. – One Direction’s latest craze shouldn’t be new to us. We have been previously introduced to the idea of “fandoms” through the likes of artists such as Justin Bieber, The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus – the list goes on.

As we note the growing popularity of what is currently the world’s biggest boy band- it’s up to one to decide whether being a part of a huge fandom is just a passing phase or the end to one’s social life.

“I get teased and bullied a lot for being a fan by my classmates” says Aubrey about being a Directioner.

Though bullying and teasing is something that shouldn’t generally be condemned- perhaps it can be seen a little silly for one to change their last name on Facebook to the popular “Styles”- inferring a fictitious marriage between one of the famous band members.

Along with daily ridicule from piers, comes a lot of work-

“It’s really time consuming, and it can get pretty stressful and pricey!” continues Mary.

-and we can see why:

First, it’s the constant checking up on the members’ updates through tweets, Instagram posts, web interviews, blogs, etc. Then, it’s the costly price of merchandise, such as t-shirts with band member Louis Tomlinson’s face plastered on them, posters, and concert tickets- all of which can range into hundreds of dollars. Finally, it’s the heavy dedication and emotional strain that comes with their adoration for the band.

But considering the various tribulations associated with being a fan – the question is raised whether fans end up having profound effects on their own psychologically? Experts seem to believe so- noting how just a simple liking to an artist can turn into an unhealthy infatuation- in some cases, leading to stalking.

As we come to terms with this current obsession, we can see the severity it might cause to fans and its possible outcomes, and one thing is for sure – One Direction is currently rocking the charts and slowly creeping into our school’s hearts.