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The fall of 2011 has hosted many new titles of entertainment from big name companies. Of the many held, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 rose above the rest with fierce rivalry.

Infinity ward was proud to release the 8th title of the Call Of Duty series November 8, 2011. In its partnership with Treyarch who’s previous release was Call Of Duty Black Ops, Infinity Ward sold 6.5 million on the first day; 33% over Black Ops. Battlefield 3 developed by EA, sold 5 million copies the first week. Battlefield 3 was released October 25 of 2011 easily being EA’s fastest selling first person shooter.

Each game offers their own styles of warfare. EA presented itself by its new Frostbite 2 engine that enables the effect of destroying buildings and scenery. EA also used a new ANT software which creates a more realistic A.I. soldier incorporating new aspects of how a modern soldier would act.

InfinityWard sought the concept of being “bug free” to escape the annoying hacking problems Modern Warfare 2 went through. Like wise, they also incorporated built in support for color-blind gamers. For a more authentic experience, Modern Warfare 3 has been granted better streaming and audio for the masses.

Overall each game offers huge attention to its own story. Modern Warfare 3 adds more heart pounding action to the epic sequel created in the first Modern Warfare in 2007. You play the role of many characters in the story line. The story takes place within 7 days, each being its own mission taking action in various parts of the world. Battlefield 3 offers the same idea of instilling the perspective of different characters, while keeping the setting prone in the Middle East instead of major urban societies.

Now-a-days, whats a game without multiplayer support? To think about ten years back, we were just introduced to 3d video gaming. Now our experience of online gaming is revolutionized into different dimensions of artificial worlds. Battlefield and Call of duty altogether have already optimized the maximum rigor of multiplayer action.

Both games present them selves in very different ways. The use of split screen is unavailable in Battlefield unlike Call Of Duty. The reason for it is because there isn’t a gaming software that can handle the graphic content battlefield 3 presents with 2 or more players. Modern Warfare 3 was developed on a lower graphic engine unlike battlefield which allows the use of split screen. While Call Of Duty makes online play more accessible, Battlefield restricts you to only users that have an online pass.

Modern Warfare 3 has changed the trend of a currency system to a point system. You unlock new items with the process of ranking up. Battlefield mirrors the same idea, the more you use a certain class, the more equipment and guns you’ll get in relevance to the class’s idea.

Each game gives a little more than their previous release. Modern Warfare 3 has added a new survival mode, substituting for the Nazi Zombie series. Battlefield 3 re-added team death match since the first battle field game also fully mastering their campaign giving Call Of Duty a run for its money. Battlefield has also given you a way to track you and your friends progress for further competition.

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