Senior Portraits & College Interviews-Time to Get Nostalgic

Tess Cagle, Reporter, Yearbook Editor-in-Cheif

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Letter From the Other Editor

The yearbook staff found a new temporary home for part of this week–the gym. At the same time we had new inhabitants, Trevinos photographers, in our home. The cause for all of this change is the annual school pictures that were taken this week.

Monday and Tuesday were underclassmen school pictures. Our staff spent the entire day organizing students and assisting  the photographers. As the editor, it was very stressful to be out of the classroom for two full days because it meant two days when absolutely nothing was being accomplished for our approaching deadline. I am very happy to be back in room 39 working full speed.

Also happening this week is senior portraits. I have stayed in the room til 7 o’clock each night this week assisting the photographers with the pictures. It’s a little bit overwhelming to watch all of my best friends button up their suits and clasp on their pearls to take our final school pictures… It’s probably the reason why I have put off taking my photo until the very last minute. It’s during events like these that it really starts to hit that I will be graduating in just a few months.

Speaking of graduation, this week I had the wonderful opportunity to meet the dean of the School of Communications of the University of Texas at Austin. I am ecstatic to say that he was very impressed with the fact that I know how to use InDesign. I would never have known about the program if I had not joined the yearbook–at Memorial specifically. We are one of the few staffs left in South Texas that still uses InDesign and I am so fortunate that I attend this school. I would like to take a moment to thank Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Larson for actually preparing me for my future and helping me stand out as a student.

It is weeks like this one that makes me so proud to be a mustang and so fortunate to be a part of the Spur staff!

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