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Christian Williams, Reporter

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App of the Week

Price: Free

You’re swiping through the app store, trying to find that “simple” yet perfect prize to claim your attention during Physics class, yet nothing seems to undress your appeal. Behold, that perfect simplicity which transgresses the common cliche.

The premise of the app utilizes your knowledge and how open minded you are by giving you a picture of company logos (which are slightly altered), enabling the player to guess what company it is.

The idea is to hit the questions in the shortest time possible; the faster you do, the more points will rack up. Also, spelling is optimal. When you misspell a response, points will be deducted. But rest assured that the case sensitive nature is to grant them the last laugh in your ploy to valhalla.

When the stress kicks in and you run out of thoughts and answers, they grant you leeway options through Twitter and Facebook. And if that proves to no avail, know that every 3 hits, you will earn a hint to use when your knowledge finally fails you.

Not only is it satisfying when you get a new one right, but the game’s addictive zeal and OCD elements leave some sprawling the internet for answers galore.

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