If The Bees Go, We Go.

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If The Bees Go, We Go.

European Honey Bee extracts honey.

European Honey Bee extracts honey.

European Honey Bee extracts honey.

European Honey Bee extracts honey.

Zoe Cade, Staff

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The honey bee has recently entered the endangered species list and are on the verge of total extinction, and it’s NOT a good thing.


As much of a pest we think bees to be, they are actual a vital part in our environment.


The main role a honey bee plays in an our environment is their pollination work, and pollinators strongly influence our ecosystem.


Bees are the main pollinators, due to the numbers they travel in, their small and hairy physique and their ability to only focus on one plant species at a time. Bees are also the insect most fit for their job, which isn’t just making honey.


When bees collect nectar from flowers, pollen attaches to their bodies and that ensures the next population of plants.


A vast majority of plants need many visits from bees to ensure their next generation, for example: the strawberry needs about 20 pollen grains which requires visits from multiple bees.


You might be thinking, “how could a simple honey bee affect ME?”


Well, here’s the deal.


According to The Mother Nature Network, bees pollinate up to 80% of our flowering crops, about one third of that is everything we eat. If you are more a carnivore, let this statistic scare you.


If alfalfa (a plant used as feed) is not pollinated by bees, our beef and dairy industries would dissolve to nothing.


If the bees are not here to pollinate, the human race would be on a strictly water diet.


So what exactly is killing our busy bee?


Many scientists and biologists have their fair share of theories. From human caused global warming to Colony Collapse Disorder and to simply pesticides used by farmers.


Human caused global warming theory is when a bees habitat is lost due to global warming.  


Colony Collapse Disorder is when a majority of the worker bees disappear, leaving only the queen bee and a few nurser bees.


For the pesticide theory, many farmers use pesticides and other chemicals to ensure that no other insects get to their plants, which is doing more damage than they realize because the bees are affected by the harmful chemicals as well.


Though all of these have an affect on our beloved bee, there is no one right answer.  

Whatever theory you think seems to fit, is your choice.
The unavoidable facts is that the bees are dying and if the bees go, WE go.