All By Themselves

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All By Themselves


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It is a typical Friday night. 1970 Ford’s buzz down every well-off street, teenagers celebrate their youth, and everyone who is anyone is joining in.

But not the students involved with show choir.

With weekly rehearsals every Friday night, the choir has found themselves tap-dancing their way out of their social lives and into a swirling vortex of show tunes and sequins.

Donating two and a half hours of their would-be wild nightlife, these lonely kids has little to no friends left. Shunned from society for spending the two most vital hours of the weekend singing, they have been ostracized from all that which teenagers label “Gucci.”

What have they to turn to for comfort, you ask?

John Travolta. Idina Menzel. Every powerful, painfully aching note belted by other performers like Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway.

The socially rejected choir members feel inadequate. They have given up on any hopes of popularity, severed from communication with the outside world for a whole monotonous afternoon. Locked into an abyss of jazz hands and grapevines, their eyes have been clouded by tears and feather boas.

As time continues to tick by and summer inches closer, these singers have buried themselves between Glee mash-ups and Grease, hidden from society.

The choir kids force themselves to sing past the knots of sorrow in their throats, wondering what the use of their fame and fortune will be if they have no one to share it with.

Be wary of the lonely choir member- it is he who aggressively hums “You’re The One that I Want,” under his breath, he who refuses to make eye contact in remembrance of the fact that he was never given the opportunity to make friends when it mattered. For he, although friendly and talented, has practice every Friday night.

**This article is purely satirical. It was comedically written in the spirit of good fun with the endorsement of several choir members, and it not meant to be demeaning towards any student or staff. It does not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Round-Up Online, anyone else affiliated with the website, or McAllen Memorial High School.