The Power of the Beard

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The Power of the Beard

Josh Godinez, Reporter

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For many years in our ever-changing society, one quality has been held as absolutely essential for defining a person’s character: facial hair. Facial hair can determine how an individual actually wants to be distinguished. For example, when you see someone with a rugged beard across a dirt streaked face, it is typically a safe assumption to regard this man (or woman) as a homeless person or a member of the television show, Duck Dynasty. However, this leads into stereotyping, and here at the Round-Up stables, we only choose to ride the trail of unbiased opinions.

For Todd Kettelkamp, AP World History teacher and tennis coach, facial hair has seen its variations throughout the years. Students can just never know what to expect when it comes to the facial hair of Kettelkamp. His styles are under constant remodel; the most recent change has occurred within the last month.

“I decided to change my facial hair because it itched,” said Kettelkamp about his former beard and mustache. “I wanted to shave it all off.”

Kettelkamp conceded that while he doesn’t usually like to change his facial hair, the weather has  played a definite factor this school year.

“This year I have regularly changed my facial hair because it’s been hotter overall,” said Kettelkamp. “I have kept it thick or shaved because it’s been so hot. 2012 was our hottest year on record.”

According to Kettelkamp, it takes him two weeks to grow a respectable beard. He prefers to keep a system, changing his facial hair only for the first day of fall by introducing a beard, and by shaving first day of spring. Because the weather put a kink in this system, more changes may be coming up. There is even talk about a mustache coming back into play.

Given the importance Kettelkamp places on his own mug, one would expect him to have very definite views towards facial hair.

“I believe that facial hair should be regulated in schools because some people can’t grow proper facial hair, and they should shave,” said Kettelkamp, well aware of his innate talent to grow a respectable beard. “Facial hair should be regulated in other workplaces because it could be a safety issue.”

Despite his views of facial hair in the workplace, Kettelkamp is also a believer in the power of facial hair. “Having facial hair gives you a distinguished persona,” Kettelkamp said.